We promise you and your guests an event that will exceed your expectations and leave lasting impressions. The BB series was very popular in France. Venmo only please. This is a Peugeot road bike. It has Normandy hubs which have “1 75” on them which I guess could be January ? Lyotard pedals, Mafac ‘racer’ brakes. With the best range of second hand Peugeot bikes across the UK, find the right bike for you. Here you can show rating and a discussion forum for the moped.

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Numbers matching? Fri Nov 28, pm quote. Watching that ’63 GS auction on eBay, which is essentially identical to mine, right down to the colour, reminds me that I’m still trying to find out whether mine has the original engine. I wonder because there’s a significant gap between the chassis and engine numbers, though both are listed as ‘ The chassis number is , and the engine number is Is there any way to find out whether this is the original engine for my scoot?

The first thing we do is photograph the scooter and take note of the frame and engine numbers. If the engine is free, we get the scooter up and running. Even if​.

Date of production Aug. Body colour parts Fork, frame, leg-shield, front and rear mudguard, floorboard tunnel, inside leg-shield, fuel tank, headlight body 2-piece. Aluminium crankcase finish Handlebar, wheel hubs, front brake shoe backing plate, wheel rims, stand, crankcase cover, brake pedal. Gloss black Saddle frame.

Matte black Luggage rack, cylinder cover. Aluminium finish Rear damper. Crankcase Bare aluminium. Crankcase cover painted aluminium Carburettor Carburettor body and float chamber cover bare aluminium, zinc-plated screws and fittings. Silencer Aluminium 50 , chromed Frame Front and rear scripts, rear damper spring. Electrical parts Headlamp bezel, light switch cover.

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If you have a voltmeter you can measure the resistance across the leads of the choke. Filter is your moms pantyhose. The new three-wheeler now also came with both front and rear indicators, the mudguard was changed again, this time becoming much larger than on the Series 1. Many carburetors that use a butterfly on the engine side often use an additional butterfly on the air intake side that serves as a choke for cold starts.

If the IGM and the Vxm5t are perfect and clear but the 6 numbers are illegible, would you Lambretta TV 2 (TS1) the prefix of the frame number are crystal clear, just the frame numbers are illegible I. I gave it a miss.

This was the first Lambretta to feature full sized leg shields and side panels. On this and the LD, the L stood for Luxury due to the mentioned panel work. Body colour parts Fork, frame, leg-shelds, headlamp cowl, side panels, passenger running boards, front mudguard. Aluminium paint Wheel hubs, wheel rims, front brake shoe backing plate, front and rear saddle frames including all the large and small springs , stand, 2 cross members below the footboard, horn support and circlip, spare wheel mount, license plate mount tool carrier tube and cover.

Grey primer paint Fuel tank, rear mudguard Crankcase Painted aluminium silver. Carburettor Air filter painted aluminium silver, burnished body, nickelplated screws, natural-finish Zama cover with tickler button. Intake manifold sheet aluminium Clean semi-gloss neither polished nor painted. Control cable sheaths Silver grey. The rear saddle may be either square or triangular. On early examples in particular, ochre yellow saddles may be found.

Exhaust Version I nickel-plated welded type , verion II opaque black removable type. Electrical parts Front and rear lamp bezels, horn cover, light switch cover. Engine Kick-start pedal.

LI Special

In the L. Intended as a sportier version to the standard L. V panel work, including an octagonal headset, front mudguard, horn cast, and side panels. Engine wise the had a change of barrel and head, but strangely not the carburettor of 18mm, giving it a power boost to 8. Gearbox was also reworked, to make use of the rise in power, with new closer ratios, which was and remains a favorite of scooter racers. Third gear had a tendency to break because it was so thin, so later models had thicker stronger ones.

Jul 6, – Vintage Lambretta Scooter Print – Young Lovers – Scooter Date – La work with a standard size store bought frame, or custom framed as you see fit.

The current owner? This is not the first time someone has tried to capitalize on the Lambretta name with the launch of a new Lambretta, but this time somehow feels different. They even went so far as to design a completely new scooter they called the Amiga, which never really reached any serious level of production before the factory closed. The actual last Lambretta ever produced during the original production run was the GP model in India in Lambretta sales were dropping off in India due to heavy competition from more modern machines and manufacturers so SIL ceased production to focus on their Vikram 3 wheelers , which were also based on the original Lambro tooling the got back in Even though they ceased Lambretta production, they still retained the rights to the Lambretta name.

It was an attractive machine that very much resembles what he went on to do with Scomadi. The result of this horrendous decision was the Lambretta Uno and the Due , which are about as much of Lambrettas as apples are gourds. Not willing to sit back and let Americans rake in all this mad cash on badge engineering a Taiwanese scooter, a few different companies in Europe start getting in on this action.

This actually made a lot more sense since Lambrettas are a lot better known in Europe. Whether that is through the actual scooters or through selling branded watches and T-shirts is irrelevant. First out of the gates was Motom, who claimed legitimacy over the Lambretta name and decided the CMSI was actually onto something using badge engineering.

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Named after the Italian expression for night – notte, Vespa Notte is a limited edition scooter featuring deep black mirrors, grab rails and wheels. Transmission has also been overhauled, the CVT boasting a more robust belt and new materials designed to reduce friction and noise. Vespa allows application developers to create backend and middleware systems which scale to accommodate large amounts of data and high loads without sacrificing latency or reliability.

The front wheel on Vespa Primavera has a speed detection system — a sensor and a tone wheel — which instantaneously measures its speed and deceleration compared to that of the scooter. Single cylinder engine of Urban Club has an automatic gearbox. Vespa

Smith not Scooter Patch Lambretta Vespa badge Mod power and reliability at first-rate materials using up-to-date Vespa GT , LED Bulb by Cyron®. the exhaust port As Vespa’s third generation of modern small frame scooters.

The Vespa 50 ended up being the highest selling scooter in Piaggio’s history and one of the highest selling vehicles of all time. The body of the scooter also acts as the frame, and is made out of pressed steel. In addition to cutting polluting emissions to zero, the Vespa Elettrica is a totally noiseless vehicle, in the energy saving Eco mode as well as in the Power mode, with its engine at full capacity.

Indeed, they were so popular that the classic-styled smallframes were produced from the early ‘s up until just a few years ago. View our entire inventory of New or Used Vespa Scooters. Top box painted in same color as vehicle. They like to eat bees. Named after the Italian expression for night – notte, Vespa Notte is a limited edition scooter featuring deep black mirrors, grab rails and wheels.

And the revolution continues. Stamped sheet-metal Vespa is a brand name for a scooter style of motorcycle that can range from low power to high. YOU are meant to burn fat! It’s biggest distinction from other scooters made by mainstream companies is that every model before the ET2 has styled a fetching retro look. Vespa Small Frame – Identification In Vespa introduced a new body style that started as a 50cc scooter but evolved into a 90cc model, cc model, and a cc model.

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By theageofindustry edited. The most well known API models are the Series 2’s mostly because they were produced for the longest period of time. All of these models came with a cc engine except the MAC , which was based on the TV engine. There were many revisions to this model but the basics are in 2 categories:. The earliest of these models looks identical to their Italian counterpart and are mostly made out of Italian parts.

Where the engine and frame numbers use the same sequence ie frame sx/75​****, engine sx/75**** I think that you can assume that the.

The Series three and all subsequent models were nick named the slim style. This is because compared to the series I and II, the Lambretta had become slimmer and sleeker. Version I LI II-type footboard tunnel width between the two decending sides: mm , side-panel anti-vibration buffers without springs, speedometer cable with small, square dial LI 2-type.

Electrical system with battery only and single wire to the off switch only. Version II end — mid Larger footboard tunnel width between the two descending sides: mm , side-panel anti-vibration buffers without springs, speedometer cable with large dial, electrical system without battery and with two cylinders unified, side-panel anti-vibration buffers fitted with small metal springs from mid Version III mid — May Chromed ring between handlebar and leg-shield eliminated, side-panel clamps simplified, now without cog from Jan.

The headlamp cowling, the horn grille and the side-panels are painted in the following colour variants: New Blue, Nile Green, Ruby Red. Version IV LI 4 only The glovebox, fuel tank, cylinder head air intake manifold 2 pieces , headlamp cowling, front mudguard, rear mudguard, the air box and filter carrier and fuel tank support straps are painted in New White.

Black finish Rear damper. Crankcase Bare aluminium.

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